Here at Fresh Design, we like to say that impossible is not part of our vocabulary. We pursue to exhibit and inspire excellence in all aspects of our work. Our dedication and commitment to what we do allow us to be happy in addressing every single detail with the attention it deserves in order to offer products and services that will be centered on one goal – customer satisfaction.

Fresh History

Fresh design have been around ever since 2007 , creating over 40 websites and ensuring the satisfaction of many clients in the process. We have progressively extended our services portfolio in order to ensure that our clients are continuously provided with the adequate support and our business is sustainably growing to meet the new challenges posed by an ever changing market environment. The core of our compact and versatile team comprises Mr. Miroslav Despotovic, Architect and Mr. Igor Mitev, Software Engineer, both highly motivated and dedicated professionals with substantial experience in our field of work, and of course Fresh has many colleagues and associates that contribute to the success of our company by inputting their expertise and know-how.

We are very proud to be where we are in such a short period of time; to do what you love and what you are best at is always a dream come true.

What is Excellence in Web Design?

  • A truly beautiful design?
  • Ergonomic and user-centered interface?
  • Fast and clean web-experience?
  • Your Story detailed in a digital environment?
  • Doing business quickly and efficiently?
  • Enjoying in nodding to the screen?

Each project is different. Let us guide you all the way!
For details, refer to our extensive portfolio.

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